Amazing energy from Chia seeds

Forget those "high powered" energy drinks! I had some Chia in our Fruit Smoothie the other morning. Talk about WOW effect!

I had only recently heard of Chia seeds when we started our raw food lifestyle. The Indians in the Southwestern US and Mexico call them "The running food" for their high energy and endurance benefits.

Chia are best known to most of us as the "Chia Pets" that we have seen since 1977. If you want a little Chia pet history go here: Chia Pet

The Chia Seeds I am referring to are very small, and come in both black and white. When soaked in water they look like this after about 20 minutes.

This is a close up, they don't glow, we held a flashlight under the clear jar they were in so you could see the gel surrounding them.

Taken in the manner that I did, my energy lasted a good 8 hours. I'm pretty sure I reacted very strongly to them because I haven't had any stimulants since going raw, and had a very stressful day, but after 8 hours I crashed. I got pretty lethargic and just plain ran out of energy. So, the following day I tried again.  I used 1/2 as much in our shake and took the extra for later in the day. You can actually take the seeds (after soaking them) 2 Tbs 3 times a day. After the shake, I (what do you call it when you swallow something that doesn't really need to be chewed, but is a little slimy and goes down in one gulp?) drank, swallowed, ingested about 3 tsps at 3:00 in the afternoon. This time I felt better all evening and slept great. My heart felt like it was beating a little faster, and I was definetley more alert, I was almost expecting hang over effects the next day, but that didn't happen. I know I can't take these on a regular basis, but if you need some extra energy for an event or are feeling lethargic, try a small amount to start. They also claim to have some great health benefits. Do some research on how you should ingest them and I suggest NOT over doing it until you know how much you can handle.

Read up on them here: Chia Seeds or just use your browser to search for Chia Seeds, there's lots of great information on their health benefits on the web.

Have you had any experience with Chia Seeds?


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  • 9/20/2009 2:34 AM Lori wrote:
    wow - i almost forgot all about the energy power those lil' buggers can provide! it's been many years since i "ate" those slimy, slippery, coagulated miniature "jelly beans"...hmmmm...what WOULD one call the ingestion? they just slide down your tongue & throat! makes me think it would be soothing on a sore throat anyway, maybe mixed in slippery elm tea. YEP, this ol' gal has taken them long ago; thanks for the article. a good reminder of days when i was first experimenting with herbals, and maybe i will give them another shot as i get overly tired as i get older. but as you suggest, i will start out slow!
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