Raw Thai Coconut Soup Recipe - Tom Kha Gai

Once you start to incorporate more raw living food in your diet you realize how flavorful your food is. Flavors are what we associate with cravings.  Most of us have cravings for sweets examples: chocolate, candy, cake, donuts etc. Why do we crave things that are bad for us? The food industry has engineered packaged and processed foods to make us crave them. Our recent post on the food industry and the engineering that they go through to entice us to eat more and crave products exposes the steps they go through to sell us what they think we want. If we include packaged processed foods into our diet on a regular basis, we are slaves to their marketing.

Most raw living foods don't need to be changed to make them taste good. We can mix them with other raw living foods to make them sweeter, change their shape or make them taste like some of our old "favorites", but they don't need added flavors, colors or chemicals to please our pallet. Most raw living fruits and vegetables taste great right off the vine, bush or tree!

We do love flavor. Now that we have been raw for several months we are craving some of our old favorite foods. Thai food is still one of our cravings. As cooked meals Thai was so flavorful with all the veggies that were incorporated into each meal. Canned coconut is commonly used for sauce and most dishes are never over cooked, although many deep fried items are on the Thai menu.

Damon recently took one of our Thai cookbooks out and substituted items to come up with my most recent post on Thai style Pumpkin Coconut Soup. The following recipe was actually done a week earlier. It is an adaptation of Tom Kha Gai from Thailand, The Beautiful Cookbook. Enjoy!

A close up of the finished product.

It was pure Thai food satisfaction! Wonderful fresh living flavors incorporated into one dish!!!

Raw Thai Coconut SoupRecipe by Damon Siska

Soup base:

2 Fresh Young Thai Coconuts – Remove water and “noodle” out the meat. Set aside the water, noodles and shell.

3 Ripe limes (juiced)

3 Cloves Garlic (or more)

1 Tbs ground Galangal (use about 1/2" fresh....if you can find it!)

1 Tbs Minced ginger

1 Tbs Nama Shoyu

1 Tsp Mirin

2 Tbs Sesame Oil (can omit for lower fat)

Put the above into a bowl and stir lightly to blend ingredients. Let rest for about 15 minutes.


Raw "Fish Sauce"
Soak, and let set for 15 – 20 mins. (for a "fish sauce" flavor):

Approx ¼ cup seaweed (any type)

½ Cup Water

1 Tbs Nama Shoyu


Additions to Soup after or while resting:

“Noodled” Coconut meat

1 Cup shredded Cabbage

½ Shredded Carrot

¼ Cup chopped Green Bell Pepper (or any color available)

1/8 Cup fresh Green Onion

1/8 Cup chopped fresh Cilantro

½ Cup diced Zucchini

1 Avocado,diced

Small sprig of fresh mint (finely chopped)

Sprigs of fresh basil for garnish


Fold together all ingredients with soup base and only water from soaked seaweed. Chill for a bit to eat cold, or warm it up in the dehydrator for an hour or so if it's cold outside. Transfer to coconut shells for serving. Top with sprig of fresh basil.

Makes approx 8 cups. Serves 4. Will keep in refrigerator for up to 4 days.

Take the challenge to replace packaged food with fresh living foods. Several easy things to start with for basic side dishes that are served daily: Instead of packaged rice products, make rice and add your own flavorings, instead of packaged potato products, purchase fresh potatoes, boil and mash them yourself!

What packaged products have you stopped using recently? If you are having a tough time avoiding packaged products, have you stopped a moment to think of why? Are you a victim of their clever "flavor craving engineering"?


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  • 6/26/2010 2:34 PM lynda wrote:
    Hello, maybe you can help, I'm flying to London from Sydney with my family tomorrow, & looking to buy enough young thai coconuts as they are a big part of raw diet, where is the best place to buy bulk. Thanks for any info. Lynda
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    1. 6/30/2010 1:38 PM Toni wrote:
      Cannot help you there. We are in California, USA. Would suggest getting packaged Coconut Juice possibly. Try Amazon.com
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  • 1/12/2011 12:08 PM Connie wrote:
    Love your Thai Coconut Soup Recipe and would like to post on our ProgressiveRecipes.com website courtesy of We Want Raw. We would be happy to include your blog as well. We are a grower shipper in the LA area.
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    1. 1/13/2011 5:49 PM Toni wrote:
      You have my permission and appreciation. Toni
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